What to do in Akko

What to do in Akko

Come and meet and fall in love with the magic of one of the world's oldest port cities - history, culinary, hammam or culture - we will be happy to plan your journey in Akko according to what interests you.

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Hamam al- Basha

"Hamam al-Basha" was built at the end of the 18th century by Governor of Acre, Jazzar Pasha.

The Knights' Kingdom

A 4,000-year-old story unfolds inside the halls of the citadel- the museum displays and films projected on the walls tell the story of the Crusades and offer vast historical information regarding the various eras.

The Templars' Tunnel

The Templars were a military-monastic order who – in the name of the pope – aided pilgrims and the ailing coming from Europe to visit the holy sites of the Land of Israel.

The Bahai Gardens

A wonderful place to relax, an experience of man-made beauty. In the garden of Akko you will see the use of running water, the garden design in lovely geometric shapes inspired by the art of the Persian gardens and light and shadow games to complete the creation.

Akko Festivals

Akko is known for hosting various Festivals, especially during the summer months.